"I'd rather sing one wild song and burst my heart with it than live a thousand years."  – Jack London


Since 2013, we have inspired tens of thousands of people through education, collaboration, and conservation. Our passion for the Ambassador Animals we share a bond with has defined who we are, what we do, and continues to pen our story. 


Our Mission

The inspiration from Joseph Campbell’s ideology known as the ‘Call To Adventure’ is what sparked a vision. This enticing allure led Founder and Executive Director, K. Kraus, to forgo the mundane grind, take life by the reins, and spin it into an everyday adventure. Project Wildsong’s purpose is to rewild people’s hearts. How? It starts by awakening a deeply rooted connection that bridges humanity, flora, and fauna.

Shakespeare said, “one touch of nature makes the whole world kin,” which is what we strive to inspire through hands-on interactive learning and collaborations to further conservation efforts. By fostering these experiences and incredible opportunities, it is our hope to invigorate and sow a newfound appreciation for native wildlands and wildlife. With the help of our Ambassador Animals who represent their wild counterparts, we hope to intertwine our passion and mission within the hearts and minds of every individual through scientific facts, curiosity, and awe.  

The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe to match your nature with Nature.
— Joseph Campbell, The Hero With a Thousand Faces

Project Wildsong Offers:

  • Unique Opportunities for Interactive Encounters with Ambassador Animals

  • Educational Programs

  • Animals For Film and Photography

  • Gesture and Life Drawing Sessions for Artists

  • Assistance with Specialized Exotic Animal and Wildlife Rescue

  • Hands-On Experiences and Internships For Students Pursuing Wildlife Science

  • Animal Behavior and Dynamics Consult For Story Development in Film

  • Guest Appearances