Damu (DAH-MOO)

was born in 2011 and came from a USDA licensed facility. He joined Project Wildsong at six weeks old where he naturally showed the demeanor and characteristics of a true Ambassador. In Mesopotamian lore, Damu is known as a guardian figure and the god of fertility. Interesting to note, Damu is the son of Enki who is the god of mischief and creation. Some of Damu's nicknames include: Moo-Moo, Mu, Moose, and Damoose. He has a knack for finding ways within high traffic areas which unfailingly establish himself as the center of attention. Friends and event attendees who have met Damu have dubbed him a ‘cassanova’ due to his charm and the onslaught of affectionate kisses. But while this sweet spirited boy will steal your heart, he also will steal your sandwich. Undisputedly, Damu’s inspiration hails from Sir Sean Connery as he enjoys life to be shaken rather than stirred.

Cael (KAY-EL)

was born in 2013 and came from a USDA licensed facility. He joined Project Wildsong as six weeks old where he was transforming into an incredible Ambassador. At twelve weeks old, Cael endured a traumatic experience where a male vet tech physically harmed him. Because this incident occurred right at the end of the socialization window, Cael became fearful of men. Many individuals we consulted said that it would be impossible for him to rebound. But nevertheless, our team persisted and rallied around Cael. His rehabilitation has been nothing short of remarkable. The milestones and accomplishments that Cael continues to make have been inspiring. His gentleness and love of physical affection elude to why his name means ‘light bearer’ in Gaelic. He's also affectionately known as Owlet, Arctic, Caely-Whaley, and Danger Floof. Despite his traumatic experience, Cael embodies the most profound qualities of forgiveness and compassion. He continues to be an incredible Ambassador by rewilding hearts in a way that everyone can understand.


Tracer (TREY-SER)

was born in 2017 and came from a USDA licensed facility. She joined Project Wildsong as a six weeks old spitfire. Originally, her name was Adara but the name didn't stick. With her antics and unbridled enthusiasm, she reminded us an awful lot of our favorite character from Blizzard Entertainments' Overwatch. The moment we called her Tracer was when something clicked. We often joke that she more or less chose her name. And it suites her. With Tracer being our first and only female, we couldn't have asked for a more phenomenal Ambassador. And with being Damu's niece, it's obvious that she has the same adventurous wanderlust which will no doubt lead to new everyday adventures. Cheers, love! The cavalry's here!


Renegade (REN-I-GEYD)

was born in 2017 and came from a USDA licensed facility. He joined Project Wildsong simultaneously with Tracer. Although both Renegade and Tracer are not from the same litter, they are related. Just like Tracer, Renegade is also Damu's nephew. Large in stature and striking, this big hearted boy was reclusive and shy at first. It gave our team the opportunity to revise and redraft our socialization process to specifically work on his timeline rather than our own. Unknowingly, Renegade helped us discover new methods and strategies when caring for extremely shy individuals. Through trust and a cultivated bond, Renegade's confidence continues to blossom. His rogue spirit always finds a way to make us laugh with his exuberant antics rooted in mischief making.


Siggi (CIG-EE)

was born in 2018 and came from a USDA licensed facility.