Without the efforts sown by education and collaboration, conservation would not come to fruition. Today, natural resources have assumed a high economical and cultural significance while ideas surrounding North American wildlife have retained a complex and ambivalent perception. Our wildlands have been both construed as dark, chaotic, and fearsome as well as a held in esteemed regard as a domain that is unsullied, full of sublime beauty, and the bestowing force of spiritual purification.

Project Wildsong focuses on protecting the value of both wilderness and wildlife as an active partner in assisting with the rescue of native wildlife. In partnership with fellow organizations across North America, we strive to protect the wildly enchanting legacy of flora and fauna for future generations. As Aldo Leopold emphasized in his essay collection A Sand County Almanac, “conservation is a state of harmony between men and land” and a responsible relationship must exist between the two. When conservational purposes strive to preserve the integrity, stability, and beauty of both flora and fauna, the existence of its survival is remedied with hope for the longevity and continued infatuation we have with our natural world.