So You Want To Volunteer or Intern With Us?

We are constantly inundated with inquiries concerning volunteer or internship opportunities with Project Wildsong. Rather than volunteers, Project Wildsong offers paid, contracted positions. While working hands-on with Ambassador and other animals we encounter is awe inspiring and an honor, it is also a privileged commitment. The welfare of our Ambassadors, whether it be physically, mentally, or emotionally, is our number one priority. This job is a labor of love, sacrifice, and is time intensive. Working alongside Ambassador Animals isn't about capturing selfies or moments on social media to share with friends; it centers around contributing your talents and skill-sets to a purpose or cause that you want to champion. Together as a pack, we cultivate opportunities to learn and grow while embracing our inner nature nerd. It is through the passion and unrivaled dedication of our team which has enabled us to unlock incredible achievements. And we are always looking to diversify and broaden our capabilities through the inclusion of individuals who can help us sing our wild song.

What We Require:

  • Disconnecting from social media during events. No cellphones will be allowed out. Your attention and concentration needs to be fixed on your surroundings and the Ambassadors rather than 'likes' and comments.
  • Being available on weekends and on short notice. Most of our educational outreach events take place on the weekends. And sometimes we get contacted for film or photography projects last minute. We need responsible individuals who have their own reliable transportation and are over the age of 21.
  • Positivity! In collaborating with our educational partners or clients, we often have to engage in interpersonal interaction, keep tabs on the Ambassadors, and take on different roles. By striving to remain upbeat, you help sustain a positive morale and energy which helps our team and Ambassadors thrive.
  • Students whose emphasis and studies are centered on Wildlife Science, Zoology, or want to work with animals professionally. Paid internships with Project Wildsong is an excellent way to obtain hands-on experience which can lead to a plethora of opportunities within our network of partners and collaborators.
  • Understand that working with the Ambassadors is, again, a privilege. Individuals will start by being responsible for helping to set up and break down event sites, handling merchandise, and learning from our handlers through observation. It entails building a working and understanding relationship for and with the Ambassadors based on respect and trust.
  • Be in good health. The work we do is physically demanding. You will need to lift a minimum of 25 lbs, be able to stand for prolonged lengths of time, and not mind being outdoors.
  • Reside somewhere between Orange County and Santa Clarita. Our team is looking into options for interns who are either out of state or international!

Want to be part of our team? Send an email to to get the application process* started!

*The application process can take up to three weeks and requires a series of interviews, background check, reference check, and any other appropriate credentials. Not all applicants will be accepted.